An international non-profit trade association representing the interest of manufacturers

The Composite Can & Tube Institute is an international trade association, founded in 1933, representing the interests of manufacturers of composite paperboard cans, containers, canisters, tubes, cores, cones, fibre drums, spools, ribbon blocks, bobbins, and related composite products around the world.

CCTI also supports suppliers to the industry, with networking and promotion of supply chain companies, including but not limited to products like paper, machinery, adhesives, labels, other materials, and affiliated services. CCTI is committed to supporting the common business interests of the membership and promoting the industry nationally and globally.

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Use CCTI’s Member Map tool to locate CCTI Members from across the US and around the globe. CCTI is your original, go-to resource for paper tubes, core, composite cans, honeycomb, edge protector or other packaging products and services.



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