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The Mission

The CCTI is an international trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of composite paperboard cans, containers, canisters, tubes, cores, cones, fibre drums, spools, ribbon blocks, bobbins and related or similar composite products; and suppliers to those manufacturers of such items as paper, machinery, adhesives, labels and other materials and services.

CCTI is a non-profit international trade association founded in 1933 for the purpose of promoting the common business interests of its members.

This is accomplished by:

Collecting and disseminating pertinent industry performance trends and statistics in areas such as safety, sales, employee wages and benefits, general operating costs, as well as general information on topics of common interest.

Conducting educational programs to advance understanding and practices of the industry in such areas as technology, environmental affairs, safety, human resources and government relations.

Monitoring and taking appropriate action to address government issues potentially having a significant impact on our industry.

Providing training programs of interest to our members.

CCTI Values








President: Lisa Dietz – Erdie Industries, Inc.

Treasurer:  Dave Partin, Amspak, Inc.

Associate: Mark Mackimm – Rainbow Rubber and Plastics

Past-President: Jason Erdie –  Erdie Industries, Inc.

Director:  Sam Kirschenbaum - Canusa Paper & Packaging

Director: Stuart Seltman – Crescent Paper Tube

Director: Greg Metcalfe – Great Plains Packaging

Director: Joe Cappellano - OX Industries

Director: Chad Heathco – Precision Products Group, Inc.

Executive Director: Andrea Ball

Lange, Thomas & Associates, LLP
Nancy Kim, General Counsel


Members gain leadership and networking opportunities through an extensive committee and volunteer leadership structure. Standing committees focus on government relations, environmental affairs, safety and human resources, and technical issues pertinent to the manufacturing of composite cans, tubes and cores.

The committees currently active within CCTI are as follows:

  • Safety & Human Resources Committee

  • Technical Committee

  • Vendor Technical Subcommittee (a division of the Tech. Committee)

  • Composite Can Marketing Committee – meets as needed.

  • Government Relations & Environmental Affairs Committee – meets as needed.

For additional information on any of these committees, or to join, please contact CCTI at 703.740.8737 or

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