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A Reputation for Excellence & Service…

CCTI has promoted this industry for more than 86 years. We are very excited about our new programs and our solid foundation of service and commitment to our members. There are many opportunities in the industry, but only CCTI can stand behind a proven record of responsiveness, achievement, and respect from other industry colleagues.

Programs, Publications, Benefits & More

CCTI provides members with a number of direct, money-saving programs, services and benefits that help you to more efficiently run your company and compete within the industry! Click here to read about CCTI’s programs, services, and benefits!

Our TOP 10 include:

  • Health Insurance Plans
  • 401(k) Plans
  • Energy Affinity Programs
  • Safety Products & Web-Based Training Programs
  • On-Line HR Library & Reference Database
  • The Ask Vinnie Online Q&A Service and 911PARTS
  • Monthly Newsletter, Industry Directory and other publications
  • Networking, Meetings and Committee opportunities

Membership Categories

Industry Member

A manufacturer in the U.S. of composite (paperboard) cans, tubes, cores, fibre drums, spools, ribbon blocks, bobbins and related products for commercial sale. Companies in this category are automatically IMC members as well (see below).

Associate Member

A supplier of machinery, materials or services to industry, international industry or independent manufacturers. Independent recyclers and consultants providing a service to industry manufacturers also qualify for this membership.

Independent Manufacturer’s Council (IMC) Members

Allows independent companies to sample CCTI before converting to Industry membership. Membership includes exploratory access to CCTI programs and benefits. ALL Industry Members are automatically IMC members as well (see above).The creation of this Council was in direct response to requests from CCTI members to allow independent manufacturers to collectively meet in a legal manner so that they may share their combined knowledge, experience and expertise. The Council provides an atmosphere in which smaller manufacturers can take advantage of common information, opportunities and issues of mutual interest in order to better compete in the marketplace. The council meets in conjunction with CCTI meetings.

International Industry Members

A manufacturer of composite (paperboard) cans, tubes, cores, fibre drums, spools, ribbon blocks, bobbins and related products for commercial sale in countries other than the U.S.

Self-Use Industry Members

A manufacturer of products defined in Category I, located in any country, who does not sell these products commercially but manufacturers them for its own use.

CCTI Offers Complimentary Membership FY21 Due to COVID-19

Because CCTI understands that our world has been severely impacted by COVID-19, we want you to know we stand with you for the coming year and will be providing a financial reprieve by waving dues for all suppliers and industry members from May 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021.

Member Fee Structure FY22:

[   ]      Industry Members with sales less than $2 million = $1,000

[   ]      Industry Members with sales of $2 – $10 million = $2,500*

[   ]      Industry Members with sales of $10 million or more = $5,000

[   ]      International Industry Members with sales less than $ 2 million = $1,000

[   ]      International Industry Members with sales of $ 2 – $ 10 million = $ 1,500

[   ]      International Industry Members with sales of $ 10 million or more = $ 2,000

[   ]      Associate Dues (suppliers) are a flat $2,000

* All current IMC Members may elect to have their dues stepped up by $500 per year until they reach their appropriate category.

Benefits and Service

CCTI Programs, Services & Benefits

Currently, members in good standing of the Association have access to the following programs, which provide potential savings to their companies and employees. CCTI is continuously updating and adding to this list as new programs and services become available. A sampling of our current programs includes:

Health Insurance & 401(k) Plans

Energy & Utility Savings Solutions

Safety Training & Web Based Safety Programs

Human Resource (HR) Tools including forms and articles

The Independent Manufacturer’s Council (IMC)

The Vendor Technical Subcommittee (VTS) and Ask Vinnie

CCTI Publications

Meetings, Events & Committees

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Vendor Technical Subcommittee (VTS) Regional Workshops

For More Information…

If you are a CCTI member, login to the “Members Only” page for details about all of these programs. If you are not a CCTI member and are interested in any of the programs you have read about here, please contact CCTI at 703.823.7234 or [email protected] or click here to read the detailed descriptions of each benefit and service.