Technical Notebook

This notebook is a compilation of uniform industry specifications relating to the manufacture, testing, and use of composite cans, tubes, and cores. It is conveniently organized in a notebook format and includes Recommended Industry Standards, Standard Testing Procedures, Guidelines (including Papermill core guidelines), Technical Committee Reports, Conversion Tables, Silicate Information, and a Glossary of Technical Terms for Composite Can, Tubes, and Cores as well as Adhesives.

The complete Technical Notebook along with individual documents are available as an entire electronic format or individual electronic documents in a PDF format.

An important aid in meeting customers’ performance requirements, it is updated continuously by CCTI’s Technical Committee.

Index of Recommended Industry Standards
Index of Standard Testing Procedures
Index of CCTI Guidelines
Index of Technical Committee Reports
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Technical Notebook pricing:

As long as a company maintains its CCTI membership AND purchases one Technical Notebook, all individual and updated documents are FREE.

Technical Notebook (Digital):
CCTI Members: $100
Non-Members: $375
Individual Technical Documents (Digital):
CCTI Members: FREE
Non-Members: $30 each

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