CCTI Yearly Meetings


The CCTI Annual Meeting is an annual educational and networking of the CCTI membership.  The Executive Committee and Board of Directors meet and a General Session focused on manufacturing trends, legislative concerns, economics, management, and sales topics. The meeting also includes a golf tournament, evening networking events, and an evening hospitality suite.


The Fall & Technical Meeting is a 2 day meeting that provides attendees with numerous networking opportunities while addressing issues that affect their companies and the industry they represent.  On-site Plant Tours included.  Meetings generally take place in (mid October or November.)


The Operations Meeting is a 1.5-2 day meeting held in warmer locations in the spring (late February or March).

Highlights of the Operations Meeting include the Technical Committee meetings, a meeting of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, a General Session focused on operational issues, management, sales, and marketing topics. The meeting also includes a golf scramble tournament held on the final day of the meeting.

*Note: Scheduling of this meeting could change


The Independent Manufacturers Council (IMC) usually meets during the Fall or Operations Meetings. The IMC is designed for all industry member companies with sales under $32 million. For more information on this option, please contact CCTI (703.740.8737).

The Vendor Technical Subcommittee (VTS) meets as needed. The VTS, composed of Associate Member Representatives, addresses plant, production, and related issues and discusses remedies and solutions for common industry problems in relation to supplier products, services, and programs.

Note: The VTS will also hold workshops in various regions of the country as determined by CCTI.

The Composite Can and Tube Institute’s General Counsel attends all meetings.