Amspak American Spool & Packaging, Inc

Tifini Stafford, President/Women-Owned Small Business
Jacquie Ball, CCTI, Sr. Staff Contributor

Tifini Stafford’s dad was an entrepreneur.

In 1966, he opened his own business selling packaging materials.  During the Vietnam War, he was approached by a large local company about the prospect of manufacturing paper spools for detonating cord. American Spool & Packaging (Amspak) was born.

Larry Ridgeway took a risk, went through the motions of uncertainty and stress, worked tirelessly to support both his family and his business, grew his customer base, hired other employees, expanded both products and services, and was ultimately accountable for his own success.

If you asked him what he did for a living, however, he wouldn’t have told you that he’s an entrepreneur.  He would have said, he was a “salesman”. If you asked him about being his own boss, he would have said, “When you have your own business, you’re not the boss. You’re an employee.”

But in Tifini’s eyes, he was most definitely an entrepreneur, at least according to the definition you get from a quick Google search: An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.

“Like my dad, many small business owners don’t embrace their identity as “entrepreneurs”. On the other hand, you probably know someone who wears the title with pride. I am that someone. As my father’s daughter, and because, I am a woman.”

Larry Ridgeway passed away in 2017, leaving his three children to carry on his legacy. Trey Ridgeway, Amspak CEO, Tifini Stafford, Amspak President and Lynn Curry, Amspak Secretary of the Board.  “My siblings and I learned the value of hard work, integrity, and commitment watching our father build his dream from the ground up. Working together with my siblings, as a woman entrepreneur, gives me a great sense of pride and personal satisfaction,” Tifini Stafford, AMSPAK President, continued, “I have always believed and tried to instill this thought in my children and employees, you can do anything you set your mind to, and, nothing is impossible.”

Stafford and brother, Trey Ridgeway, Amspak Chairman, spearheaded a very aggressive growth plan last year, resulting in a significant sales increase and contributes Amspak’s newest team members, David Partin as Vice President of Manufacturing & Operations; and Michael Smith as Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and longtime senior sales manager—Alex Stafford with the increased sales success. Partin and Smith bring a combined 48 years’ experience in the tube, core, and packaging market.

AMSPAK’s market is nationwide with limited export. Their customer base includes 300+ customers, representing a variety of industries, including food products; ribbon; textiles; narrow fabrics; hardware; zippers/hook & loop; rope/cordage; electronic components; insulation; wire/cable; rubber hose; auto trim; and, bookbinders. AMSPAK is proud to service some of the world leaders in several of these product categories.

At Amspak, customer relationships are the CORE of their business. “AMSPAK has long understood its responsibility to provide the quality products and responsive service which the customer expects and deserves,” Stafford continued, “We know you’ll find us large enough to serve you; and, small enough to appreciate your business.”  I am so thankful for associations like CCTI.  Utilizing the resources associated with CCTI and networking with other independents has helped me maintain a consistent strategy of growth and improvement.”

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